Sunday Streets in the Tenderloin: The Butterfly Effect

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On Sunday, April 13, The Luggage Store Annex and ArtsEd4All partnered to bring The Butterfly Effect to Sunday Streets in the Tenderloin. In support of Makeway for Monarch’s “Call for Contemplation and Action for Monarchs and Other Imperiled Pollinators” marking the 50th Anniversary of the passing of author Rachel Carson. Visitors to the stretch of Ellis Street between Hyde and Leavenworth were invited to learn more about the plight of the monarch butterfly.

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The day began on the street readings, Butterfly Poems & Stories delivered by Norma Rodriguez, Mark Heinrich, Joanie Juster, and Christine Dodds, while inside the Tenderloin National Forest, Amara Tabor Smith ladled out helping of her delicious stew with “Fresh from the Oven.”

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Butterfly-inspired art activities included bookmaking with Mary Ann Cruz with support from Academy of Art University School of Interior Architecture & Design student volunteers.

“Got Milkweed?” Judy Toupin invited passersby to try their hand at planting. Milkweed plants were on display, and The Pollinator Project provided information about how to create pollinator gardens and raised awareness for the protection of butterflies, and their habitats and migratory paths.

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Young readers were invited to learn more with the Little Free Library #9859, which was filled with books about caterpillars, butterflies and other pollinators, along with a special contribution of specially selected titles donated by Chronicle Books.

“Butterfly Wings,” a special photo booth created by Rooftop School art coordinators Amy Balsbaugh and Cheryl Ball, with help from the students in Ms. Duff’s first grade class, invited passersby to transform themselves into beautiful monarch butterflies.

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Crowds gathered in the street to enjoy special musical performances by Rooftop’s rock bands Blade and C&R directed by Mike Rao of The Blue Bear School of Music. The street entertainment culminated with Mark Heinrich’s dramatic reading of Ray Bradbury’s science fiction classic, The Sound of Thunder,” a cautionary tale involving time travel, dinosaurs and a lone butterfly.

Blue Marbles were given in gratitude to all who pledged to use their voice to help protect the monarch butterfly for future generations. The Butterfly Effect posits that the flap of a butterfly’s wings can set great winds of change in motion, so it was only fitting that as Sunday Streets drew to a close, Lucia of Michoacán should appear on Ellis Street to share childhood memories of forests, dense with the wondrous fluttering of orange and black.


ArtsEd4All “The Butterfly Effect” at Sunday Streets Team

Event Coordination: Darryl Smith, Luggage Store Gallery & Andi Wong, ArtsEd4All
Event Activities: Mary Ann Cruz, Judy Toupin
Photo Booth: Rooftop K-8 Art Coordinators Amy Balsbaugh & Cheryl Ball, Ms. Andrea Duff’s first grade class
Live Performance: Amara Tabor Smith “Fresh From the Oven”
Rooftop Rock Bands Blade and C&R; Mike Rao, director, Blue Bear School of Music
Readings: Chrissy Dodds, Joanie Juster, Mark Heinrich, Norma Rodriguez
Volunteer Support: Academy of Art University School of Interior Architecture & Design, Rooftop K-8 alumni parents Victor Yan, Wendy Hanamura, Sheila Hall
Community Partners: The Pollinator Project, Chronicle Books

For more information and ways that you can help the monarch butterfly, please visit:

Monarch Watch:

Pollinator Partnership:

The Xerces Society:

Selecting Plants for Pollinators:

National Geographic:  How to Create Your Own Monarch Butterfly Rest Stop:

US Forest Service:  “Attracting Pollinators to Your Garden Using Native Plants”

“The Butterfly Effect” – ArtsEd4All @ Sunday Streets in the Tenderloin

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Sunday, April 13, 2014, 11am-4pm

at the Luggage Store Annex/Tenderloin National Forest

509 Ellis Street (between Hyde & Leavenworth)

ArtsEd4All: Art & Science Activities for Children & Families

Flights of Imagination with Little Free Library #9859
Art & Crafts: Make your own Butterfly Pop-Up Book
Take your pic at the “Butterfly Wings” Photo Booth
Butterfly Kisses – Make Way for Monarchs “Call for Contemplation & Action for Monarchs”
“Got Milkweed?” Planting for Pollinators
Metamorphosis: Be a ‘rabble’ rouser. Transform Ellis Street with butterflies

For more information on Sunday Streets, visit

 Join us for Sunday Streets, as the Luggage Store Annex & ArtsEd4All crew uses “The Butterfly Effect” to transform the Tenderloin National Forest and the surrounds on Ellis Street with the help of pollinators of all shapes and sizes.

Makeway for Monarch’s “Call for Contemplation and Action for Monarchs and Other Imperiled Pollinators” begins at on April 13th (Palm Sunday), and continues until dusk on April 14th – the 50th Anniversary of the passing of Rachel Carson.

For more information on the Call for Contemplation, visit

Given that the numbers of honey bees, bumblebees and monarch butterflies may now be lower than at any point in our lifetimes, this spring is an appropriate time for Americans to show the concern for, love of and commitment to the pollinators which help bring us our daily bread and offer nature’s services to keep our food system secure. We invite you to celebrate with butterflies, “brightly fluttering bits of life,” by joining us an afternoon of art and science, with compassion and action for nature.

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find resources of strength that will endure as long as life lasts”

— Rachel Carson