“Your Wall is Our Canvas”: The Angel Island Project

The Del Sol String Quartet & Huang Ruo’s “Your Wall is Our Canvas: The Angel Island Project” will bring the poems of Angel Island to life in the very space they were created. This Hewlett 50 Art Commission is slated to premiere on October 17 & 18, 2020.

Ongoing: The Blue Marbles Project

When you get your Blue Marble, you’ll know what to do! Together, we’re changing the world, one Blue Marble at a time.

Ongoing: Hamiltunes at the SFUSD Arts Festival

If you are a fan of the hit Broadway musical Hamilton, then you’ll wanna be in the room to sing along when HAMILTUNES happens at the SFUSD Arts Festival! 

Ongoing: Blake Mini Library at Hamilton Families

The Blake Mini Library book drive benefitting the homeless children at Hamilton Families in San Francisco.This youth philanthropy effort is held annually, from Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service to Valentine’s Day.

2019: D-Web Camp at The Mushroom Farm

DWeb Camp is a community-created event, a four-day retreat for dreamers and builders who want to create a Web that is more open, private, secure and fun. A Decentralized Web that is locked open for good. Set on a farm nestled just above the Pacific Ocean, DWeb Camp is also a chance to make deep connections: to builders of Web 3.0, to global communities calling for better technologies, to the planet around you.

2019: First Voice presents “J-Town Culture Bearers”

First Voice and J-town Task Force present J-Town Culture Bearers: Past, Present, Future, Infinity, a four-part performance series during the 52nd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

2016-2018: San Francisco Middle School Maker Faire

The San Francisco Middle School Maker Faire at Presidio Middle School is a family community event for all ages with hands on projects, workshops, performances and crafts. ArtsEd4All invites participants to come and play with light and sound in the Presidio MS Theater.

2017: Celebrate Urban Birds

An integrated arts project and school-wide study of birds at Rooftop School, in partnership with the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, explores the bird-rich environs of Twin Peaks.

2015: A Feast with Bread and Puppet

In 2015, artist Peter Schumann and Bread and Puppet Theater’s West Coast tour delighted Bay Area audiences with a series of performances, workshops, lectures, exhibits and parades.

2013-2016: “Sunday Streets” in The Tenderloin National Forest

In partnership with the Luggage Gallery, the ArtsEd4All crew brings family-friendly art activities to the Tenderloin National Forest for Sunday Streets in the Tenderloin.

2013: Little Free Library #9895

Little Free Library #9859 is not just a place where one can go to get a free book. Little Free Library #9859 is also a place where knowledge and experiences are freely shared and exchanged.

2013: Gwah Gai: Crossing The Street

Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center presents “Gwah Gai: Crossing the Street,” an artistic collaboration by Marcus Shelby and Flo Oy Wong exploring the poignant memories of Edward K. Wong aka Baby Jack, who lived in Augusta, Georgia at the time of segregation.

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