Blake Mini Library at Hamilton Families


At the age of six, Blake Ansari decided to help end poverty by donating a Blake Mini Library to homeless shelters and food banks. Young children are invited to participate in youth philanthropy by joining Blake’s efforts to bring the joy of reading to homeless children. Help to fill the rainbow-colored shelves of the Blake Mini Library at Hamilton Families in San Francisco by donating your new and recently new books (no cloth books, please) to children from birth to age 21.

Blake Mini Library supports the reading, writing and science literacy of children ages birth to 21 living in homes for runaways, homeless shelters and foster care. After New York City, San Francisco has the second highest rate of homeless children in the nation.

Valentine’s Day 2016 Blake Mini Library Book Drive

In 2016, Hamilton Family Center, San Francisco and Riverside Church Food Pantry, New York City were recipients of a Blake Mini Library.

Valentine’s Day 2017 Blake Mini Library Book Drive

In 2017, the students at Rooftop School take the Mannequin Challenge and invite their friends to join their efforts on behalf of Blake Mini Library at Hamilton Families.