ArtsEd4All (Arts Education for Awareness and Life-long Learning) is an informal collective of educators, artists, scientists, civic institutions and community organizations, who enjoy working together to create meaningful arts experiences for all to enjoy.

ArtsEd4All partners Mary Ann Cruz, Judy Toupin & Andi Wong first began working together at Rooftop Alternative K-8 School in San Francisco. With a collective knowledge gained from many years of working in public school classrooms, we are still having fun, finding new ways to build community through awesome experiences in art-making.

What happens when our love of learning extends beyond the school walls and the ringing of bells?

We’ll see!


Mary Ann Cruz, Judy Toupin & Andi Wong

Rooftop Alternative K-8 School

Amy Balsbaugh & Cheryl Ball, Former Rooftop Art Coordinators
David Greenbaum, SFUSD Teacher
Tamra Marshall & Rittinell Banks, Rooftop Librarians
Mike Rao, Guitar/Rock Band Instructor
Victor Yan, Rooftop Chorus Director

Community Partners

Academy of Art University, School of Interior Architecture & Design
Blake Mini Library @ Hamilton Families
Flo Oy Wong, Artist & Poet
Internet Archive
Shannon Day & Elizabeth Rosas, Juana’s Voice
The Luggage Store Annex / Tenderloin National Forest
Mission Science Workshop
Marcus Shelby, Community Music Center Teen Jazz Band
Mary Cicalese & Dan Schiffman, Susty Kids Foundation
Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Blue Mind Life / The Blue Marbles Project

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