We’re traveling all over our Wonderful World with a little help from our friends, families and Dr. Wallace J. Nichols’ Blue Marbles Project


Help us to make the world a little smaller, as we teach students how to help our Ocean Planet.

Students are learning about geography, mapping, ocean conservation and more through The Blue Marbles Project.  Blue Marble friends exchange of information, learning opportunities and adventures, building partnerships that turn inspired ideas into real world action.

The Blue Marble game “rules” are pure and simple.

1. The marble must be blue (any shade, preferably glass).

2. When you get one, give it away to someone as a token of gratitude (whenever you like).

3. Share your story with the world (however you like).

When you get your Blue Marble, you’ll know what to do!

Together, we’re changing the world, one Blue Marble at a time.

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