The San Francisco Middle School Maker Faire, hosted by Presidio Middle School takes its form each year by inviting all of the middle schools in San Francisco to participate by assembling the unique talents and interests of their students, families and local community. The overall theme may change year to year, but the folks who come will learn by doing, make new connections and leave inspired!

ArtsEd4All has enjoyed participating in the SF Middle School Maker Faire since the event was established in 2016. Look for #sfmoviesandmakers each year in the Presidio Theater!

SF Middle School Maker Faire 2016: SF Movies and Makers

Artist Diego Rivera once said, “The motion picture is the ultimate development of mural painting, and is the most original contribution to art made by North American Culture.”  At the very first SF Middle School Maker Faire, audiences enjoyed live sand painting with Kruzhok Studio and a program of short films by Rooftop student moviemakers as they learned about San Francisco cinema history with the hands-on foley station.

SF Middle School Maker Faire 2017: Sun, Wind, Water and People Power!

In 2017, makers were invited to create some positive change in support of the March for Science! with hands-on activities and a special presentation on clean energy & the Sacred Stone Strawbale Schoolhouse @Standing Rock with maker Michael Reppy. 

SF Middle School Maker Faire 2018: “Follow The Water” and March for the Oceans

In 2018, to get ready for the March for the Oceans, makers were invited to create an ocean of deep sea creatures drawn with light. They took a trip to The Land of Submarines and defeated the Blue Meanies with a sonic wave from the Internet Archive and made pom poms with Enactivist’s Immigrant Yarn Project, contributing to one of the largest yarn-based works of public art in the country.